The Neighborhood Barbershop

In our fourth installment of our #liftlocal series, we’d like to highlight the @neighborhood_barbershop.⁠ Owned by Dustin Foley, Neighborhood Barbershop is located right in Falls Church City (go straight down route 7 if you’re coming from Tysons). They are a full service traditional barbershop providing haircuts, beard trims and shaves. Ladies…Don’t think this is for the fellas only. […]

Preston’s Pharmacy

We are pleased to announce Preston’s Pharmacy (@prestonsrx) as our third installment of the #LiftLocal series, where we highlight local small businesses on every Friday of August 2020. ⁠ Located at ⁠ 5101 Lee Hwy ⁠ Arlington, VA 22097⁠⁠ Preston’s Pharmacy is a trusted resource for your physician. Their services include compounding, immunizations, supplements, etc. They also […]

Shiraz market

In our second installment of our #liftlocal series where we highlight local small businesses, we’d like to feature Shiraz Market and grocery!  ⁠ ⁠Tucked discreetly in Tyco Park (they are literally a stones throw away from TP), Shiraz can be best described as a hidden gem. This family owned restaurant/grocery store, is home to some […]

Tysons Bagel Market

So… Yesterday we went to our favorite local breakfast spot to grab one of their amazing western omelets.  ⁠⁠ Unfortunately, when we arrived, they were closed.    Covid-19 is real thing and it is affecting many of our local businesses in a REAL hard way.  ⁠⁠ If we don’t support our local small businesses, many […]