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“All coaching is, is safely taking a person where they can’t take themselves.”

Our professional coaches all live and breathe fitness.  We’ve dedicated our lives to helping you become the best version of yourself.


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Ken Stewart

Ken Stewart founded Tysons Playground in 2012 to share his passion for sports, fitness and nutrition with people of all ages. These health-oriented passions are driven by the deaths of his mother and grandmother from diseases that took them too early.

After serving in the U.S. Navy, Stewart attended Howard University on a wrestling scholarship and graduated with a degree in business management. Since then, he has been an entrepreneur in the nutrition, sports and fitness fields, providing fitness and nutrition consulting to the highest-level athletes and celebrities as well as youth teams and people seeking to improve their health through diet and exercise.

He is a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition consultant, certified USA Track & Field Level 1 coach, USA Weightlifting Club and Sports Performance coach, functional movement specialist, certified Russian Kettlebell instructor and holds many specialty certifications.

While serving in the United States Navy from 1993 to 1998, he was stationed in London, England and served as the command physical readiness coordinator. He also was a member of the ALL Navy Wrestling team, where he was a two-time U.S. Navy wrestling champion and Armed Forces Championships Silver Medalist.

He also is a lifetime drug-free professional bodybuilder who has won many bodybuilding titles.

Specialties –

  • Boxing Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Physique Transformation


Fabienne Arnodo

I left the fitness industry 20 years ago because life put me on a different path.   I’ve always been an active fitness goer, because fitness makes me feel like myself.

After moving to the U.S. seven years ago, I got my second chance to make my passion become a career. And I wanted to make the most out of it.

My personal fitness journey and my transition to be a fitness and nutrition coach, helped me in some critical moments of my life. Being a mom, an expat, a foreigner and simply trying to catch up with myself as a woman.

Because fitness has given me so much, I want to give back to people. Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to obtain certifications through StrongFirst (SFG1), Precision Nutrition (PN1), Box’n’ Burn Academy (Level I and II instructor), ONNIT Academy and Concept2 Rowing Instructor Certification.

I want women to find peace with their body, but mostly with their soul and finding their  inner strength through fitness equals bliss!

I want women to love food as nourishment and fuel for their body, not as punishment or as an emotional buddy.

I coach men and women to become strong & fit and I really love my work. I love to share my energy and help people to become the best version of themselves.

Specialties –

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor
  • Strength training
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Boxing Conditioning


Frank Turner

Frank Turner has always been an athlete.  He excelled in football from a young age through college but, life experience led him to pursue an alternate path. When he was just 18 years old, his mentor, DeAnn saw something in him and hired him to work in her gym, American Family Fitness.  Frank worked his way up through the ranks from Court Monitor to Personal Training Manager.  That opportunity opened the door for him to solidify his skill set – from becoming a celebrity trainer at Equinox Lower Manhattan to managing the Personal Training Departments for Xsport Fitness all over Northern Virginia.

In just 3 short years, Frank has grown his personal training and competition prep clientele from 2 clients to 40+.  That growth is due, in large part, to his passion and dedication and is reflected in his successes, on and off stage.  Frank coaches Bikini, Figure, Women’s and Men’s Physique as well as Classic Physique and Bodybuilding.    Last year, his prep coaching led athletes to one becoming an OCB Pro, a couple placing Top 5 on the National level within the NPC, many being nationally qualified and several winning their classes overall.    In July, after competing for just 4 years, Frank realized his own dream of becoming in IFBB Pro in Men’s Physique.

Specialties –

  •  Physique competition preparation
  •  Body transformation


Owen Patterson

Owen Patterson III received his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration and Business in 2013 from Ohio University. Although his professional opportunities deviated from healthcare, he remained physically active as a hobby.

Owen became more serious about health and fitness in November 2018, when a routine primary care checkup for his mother resulted in her needing open heart surgery. While the surgery was successful, this moment lit a spark in Owen. He vowed to do everything he could to make sure those around him were always mindful of their health and fitness. Owen made a commitment to merge his passion and leadership skills from his corporate job with health and fitness.

This journey started with Owen getting in better shape himself. “I began began training and cleaning up my diet, because I’m the type of leader and person to show, not tell”. Owen then completed his Personal Training Certification. Shortly after, he met Ken, Owner of Tyson’s Playground and Blackout in 2019 where he began coaching Blackout classes on weekends. Owen also works with many individual personal training clients.

“While I’ve had successes as a coach, it’s my obligation to continue to learn. The more I know, the more I can teach my clients. The more I can teach my clients, the better they are – this is the ultimate win for me”

Specialties –

  • Strength Training
  • TRX Suspension


Tim Henriques

Tim Henriques has been working full time in the Health and Fitness industry for 20 years. He started out managing gyms and community recreation centers but discovered he was missing that vital one on one connection that comes with personal training. He switched over to personal training and has never looked back. In 2001 he helped establish the National Personal Training Institute’s flagship school in Vienna, VA. Since that time he has personally taken over 1000 students through NPTI’s comprehensive 600 hour personal training program.

Aside from fitness and family, one of Tim’s passions is writing. He has written 3 highly acclaimed books as well as numerous articles for such sites as psychologytoday.com, strengthandconditioningresearch.com, t-nation.com, Arnold.com, thePTDC.com, allaboutpowerlifting.com, and many more.

Specialties –

  • Strength Training
  • Training Beginners
  • Older Adults
  • Powerlifting


Yasmin Amer

I am a Personal Trainer and have been working within the fitness community for over 10 years. I have gone through my own weight loss journey, and understand the hard work that it takes to achieve a certain fitness goal. My passion is to not only help you achieve your goal, but also increase your mobility to become stronger in your lifts and hinder any future injuries. Correct movement is the key to your workout. I am here to help you achieve the best version of you.I work with anyone who has a goal in mind; whether it is weight loss or gain, getting ready for an event, or just wanting to improve your fitness level- I am your coach. I need to know that my clients are serious about their journey to get healthy. There is no overnight success and individuals who think that way will not be successful in any walks of life.

Specialties –

  • Strength Training
  • Boxing Conditioning


Nick Graziano

Nick has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years, turning his passion for sports and physical activity into a full-time career. As a fitness professional, Nick has worked with hundreds of clients, demonstrating a strong capacity for personalization to each. He consistently works to help each individual plan, maintain, and achieve their fitness goals for their unique desires through an array of training methods including strength training, boxing, sport specific movement, and chronic pain therapies. Personally, Nick prides himself on being able to confidently train any age group, fitness level, body type, or personal physical challenges; including people with disabilities and physical limitations. Constantly learning, Nick is open to new training methods and styles and is steadily improving his own physical resume to continue to be at the forefront of physical fitness and health.

Nick received his B.S. Degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from Longwood University in 2012 where he began his fitness career leading group classes and team strength and conditioning. He soon found through working with individual athletes that his calling and passion was working in personal training. Adopting a “Train hard, Train smart” philosophy he believes each training session should be built on a foundation of knowledge, motivation, and self-competition. His clients can expect to be challenged, educated, and transformed during their fitness journey.

Nick views physical and mental health intertwined and will continue to lead a lifestyle that demonstrates that. A goal of his is that each individual he works with see the value in every aspect of physical health and he encourages all to attempt and achieve their personal fitness goals.

Specialties –

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Pain/Injury Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Boxing Conditioning
  • Seniors, Ederly, and People with Disabilities
  • Comprehensive Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition and Meal Preparation


Of course, It’s not just about looking good. It’s about feeling good, having the right fuel in your body to feed the machine that is your body.We all know that eating is what will really trigger the results you’re after and we strongly believe that Whole Foods are the best way to get you the results you are looking for. However, for those of us cannot get all of the required nutritional requirements you need, we’ve partnered with Legion Athletics to bring you the best supplements on the market. Book your educate session and let's chat about a tailored plan just for you.