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Tysons Bagel Market

by tysons | Jan 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

So… Yesterday we went to our favorite local breakfast spot to grab one of their amazing western omelets.  ⁠⁠

Unfortunately, when we arrived, they were closed.    Covid-19 is real thing and it is affecting many of our local businesses in a REAL hard way.  ⁠⁠

If we don’t support our local small businesses, many of them will not make it through⁠ these tough times!  

⁠That being said, we are going to do our part.  It may be small, but every little bit counts.⁠

Every Friday for the month of August, we are going to highlight a fellow, small business in our local community!  ⁠

⁠Today is Tysons Bagel Market.⁠

They are located at   ⁠

8137 Leesburg Pike ⁠

Vienna, VA 22182⁠

They have AMAZING bagels of course, but they also have unbelievable breakfast options and omelets made to order.  You should definitely give them a shout!

We are gifting 10 of our members a $10 gift card to check them out. The TP members receiving the gift card were chosen from our “committed club”.  Those are the people with the most visits over the course of July. Our winners are:⁠

Kyle Wells⁠

Richard Comstock @comstockjr

Nick Houhoulis @greekfreak25

Rob Case @robvonliftwig

Yasmin Amer @yas2fit

Michael Burnet⁠

John Nguyen ⁠

Sean Noh⁠

Benny So @semibigbennyso

John Harvey⁠

⁠Please stop by the front desk to claim your gift card!! Thank you for being a valued member of the TP family  ⁠

⁠If you are local in the Tysons/Vienna area, please check out Tysons Bagel Market!  You won’t be disappointed.